MBA 500 Week 4: Global Communications Gap Analysis

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In the following paper the reader will have the pleasure of reading a scenario in which Global Communications Corporation has followed questionable business ethics when dealing with the Technological Workers Union and its members in its new plan of globalization and increased profitability by outsourcing. The reader will be guided through an analysis of the current situation and the issues at hand of conflicting interests, rights and values. After the situation is made clear a mission is clearly set forward, followed by steps and goals necessary to reach that mission. Finally, the reader will see some of the possible conflicts, situations and problems this alternate solution may also create. Global Communications (GC), despite supplying new calling features to the industry has lost a large market share in recent years and its stock value has plummeted more than 50% in the last three years. This is due to strict competition which comes from sources both locally and across the globe, it is also do largely in part to the fact that cable companies have recently developed packages for customers that include all forms of communication such as phone and internet included with their basic cable service. These packages are popular with customers because they only have to deal with one bill instead of several and are less costly to the consumer. As Global Communications has continued to watch market share slip even further away and profitability continue to fall as well, the leaders of the company realized something needed to soon be done. Several of the company leaders soon devised a plan to expand globally and also cut deeper into the local markets by cutting costs. This plan which was shortly agreed upon by the board, included outsourcing a large number of company jobs which in turn has led to the need for much of the remaining employees to take a 10% pay cut and

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