How To Become a Trauma Surgeon Essay

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How to Become a Trauma Surgeon The road to becoming a doctor is a long and arduous journey that starts in college when most decide then that they want to be a physician. There is a gap between the understanding of physicians and the misconceptions associated with physicians. The gap between the two is related to money and on the job time. This causes many to have a different opinion about physicians and possible change their mind about becoming a doctor. One commonly held understanding is that doctors live comfortably in terms of salary. This is true but the common misconception is that physicians start making the high salary right out of medical school and that is not true. It is a misconception because most residents on the average make $41,000 a year. This seems like a lot but the truth is they work 80 hours a week and that ends up only being $9.86 an hour. This is considerable less than most people believe (Average Doctor Resident Salaries). The commonly held understanding and the misconception differ in the terms of what part of the career the physician is at. They differ because of how much experience one may have. To most it is hard to notice a difference between a resident and a physician; after all they are both doctors. This is where confusion can cause the difference between the misconception and the understanding and that difference being when one became a doctor. The necessary qualifications needed to become a medical student vary depending on which route you take. First you need to go to a college granting four year degrees. After you are accepted to an accredited college you have two options. You can either get a degree or not. The harder route would be not to get a degree and this is because only a small number of applicants get in without a degree of some sort. This is around 5% of applicants that get accepted without a degree. You also

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