Tame a Shrew Like a Hawk?

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The shrew is tamed and all is well. Petruchio took on the challenge; the challenge of taming the horrible shrew, Katherine. Most men avoided her because of horrible attitude and disrespectful manner, but Petruchio did not. Not only did Petruchio tame her, but he married her. He took a risk that most men would not dare take. He may have started off doing it for the wrong reasons but in the end, all went well. Petruchio did not get lucky when it came to taming Katherine; he had a method. A method that proved successful when it came to taming Kate. Toward the end of Act IV, Scene I Petruchio makes a speech that mentions how his method of taming Katherine is similar to the method of taming a female falcon. From looking into the sport of falconry, the comparison is on point. In Act IV, Scene I, Petruchio says “My falcon now is sharp and passing empty and till she stoop she must not be full-gorg’d, for then she never looks upon her lure.” Petruchio says this because when he tames Katherine, he starves her and takes away her necessities. Petruchio deprived Kate of food, water, and sleep. Falcon trainers often do this to their birds until they begin to depend on their trainer. Another example from the story that helps with the compression is when Petruchio rewards Kate with food and clothes. By doing this, Petruchio is teasing her with things she wants. Falcon trainers do this exact same thing to their birds as they begin to rely on their trainer because it wants the rewards available. Instead of training Kate to hunt like a falcon, Petruchio trained her to love and serve him. Petruchio constantly makes up excuses of why she cannot sleep, eat, or drink; she thinks he is just concerned, but it was really all a part of his method in taming her. She relied on him for everything she want and needed. She fell in love in a sense; Petruchio tamed her, and she was under his

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