Most Dangerous Game

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Byron Jackson Literary Essay #1 Outline Thesis: Although Rainsford, in “The Most Dangerous Game,” killed Zaroff in the end of the story, he will not become another human thirsty “Zaroff.” * In the beginning of the story Rainsford has a hardhearted attitude for the animals he hunts but this changes as he meets Zaroff and is no longer the predator but the prey. * No remorse from Rainsford is shown by the way he talks with his friend Whitney, on the ship, about hunting jaguar. (68) * Whitney did believe that jaguars could fear while Rainsfords argument was “Bah! They have no understanding.” * When Zaroff invites Rainsford in and tells him he hunts humans to fulfill his “addiction” to the hunt, Rainsford is bewildered and anguished. * When Zaroff says “Surely your experiences in the war—,” Rainsford does not even let him finish before saying “Did not make me condone cold-blooded murder.” * He continues to say “Thank you, I’m a hunter, not a murderer.” * Zaroff talks constantly about his hunts and how they bored him overtime. His ability to hunt humans turned him into the monster that he is. He is a lot like Rainsford in the beginning in having no remorse for the animals he hunts, including humans. Which is exactly why he is not like Rainsford in the end. Zaroff never had the chance to be the hunted and therefore does not know the definition of fear. * As Rainsford is being hunted he is frightened beyond belief with the extreme feelings of helplessness. * Rainsford was soon saying to himself “I will not lose my nerve. I will not” * His next encounter with Zaroff sent him running “in flight.” “It was flight now, a desperate, hopeless flight, that carried him on for some hours.” * Rainsford knows what it feels like to be hunted and helpless. He now appreciates what

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