Symbolisim in The Great Gatsby

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In The Great Gatsby there are many different symbols contained in the book. One of the symbols I choose to draw on my illustration for the cover of the book was the eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg. In the book Nick described them as gigantic, and blue, with no face to claim them and no nose to hold the glasses up. The eyes are almost represented by God, like George Wilson says to Myrtle, “You might fool me, but you can’t fool God, he sees everything.” The eyes are always there, watching them, but can’t do anything to help them. Just like how God is viewed by many people. Another symbol I picked was the white flowers. Gatsby put them in Nick’s house when Daisy was coming for tea, and sense Daisy’s favorite color was white, Gatsby choose white flowers. White symbolizes purity in the book, even though most characters were at fault for the chaos they created for themselves, most of them had a sense of purity in them. Daisy’s purity was her love for Gatsby, and how alls she really wanted was to be happy, but never even got that in the end. The green light and the green ring on the cover symbolize hope. Gatsby was full of hope; he hoped that Daisy would leave Tom for him so that they could get married and have a happy family. The green light was at the end of Daisy’s dock, which was right across from Gatsby’s mansion. The ring was what Gatsby bought for Daisy to show his love for her, but she couldn’t wear it because she was still married to Tom, so she made him wear it, which reminded him of her, and all the hope he had. In the background there are two houses, one smaller than the other, which is brown is supposed to symbolize the failed or working American dream. The huge white house is supposed to symbolize the successful American dream. The whole book is about people working on their American dream or just trying to live it. Like George, he worked his whole life

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