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A Raisin in the Sun Essay Tristan Green Hour 1 5/15/13 The Development of the Younger Family "To us, family mean putting your arms around each other and being there," Barbara Bush. In order to have a successful family, they need loving, care, and respect for one another. At the end of the story in The Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry, the Younger family comes together because of three individuals which is Walter because of his prosperity, Mama maturing and teaching the family, and Asagi who settle downs characters in the family. Walter is a part of the helps the development of the family because of the way he changes his mind about his long-lived dream to a dream of his family. An example of this is at the end of the story…show more content…
She does this when Walter was out drinking, feeling sorrow because of Mama not giving him a penny to help his dream of opening a liquor store. She finally sits down with him and gives him he insurance money he was looking for. Not only that, she also exclaims, "I'm telling you to be the head of this family from now on like you supposed to be" (107). Before, Mama would make all the decisions of the family and decide what's right and not let Walter be a part of it. Now she develops the family by making Walter feel proud about being able to run the family the way he wants it. She shows sacrifice in giving up not only her insurance money, but also her ability to run the family. Another example of Mama developing the family is when Ruth and Beneatha are talking in the house. Beneatha rambles on about how she doesn't believe in God and there is no such thing as God. Ruth and Mama try to calm her down and tell her not say such things, but Beneatha still talks about the silly idea of God. And Mama "absorbs this speech, studies her daughter and slaps her powerfully across the face" (51). Mama slaps Beneatha to straighten and mature her from back talking to her and Ruth and talking about the idea of no God. Slapping Beneatha creates a message to her about maturing and not back talking elders. These examples show the development of the Younger family would be impossible without Mama
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