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SWOT Strength Low Prices – The biggest strength of Labatt beer is that they are affordable for all age groups. Community Support – Labatt has a very strong community support, they sponsor major events all over Canada. From sporting events to festivals. In Quebec they sponsor the Just for Laugh festival while in Winnipeg, they support there CFL team the blue bomber. They also sponsor many parties on St Jean baptise. Marketing - There marketing is very strong, they have commercials during each of the major sporting events, which is watched by millions of people. Tradition – Labatt has a big tradition of family and using the best Canadian product to make the beer for example; using gains from Canada. Strong Research and Developing – Labatt has a strong Research and Developing facility for making the best beer, they are continuously improving their taste of beer and technology of their equipment for efficient and effective use. Weakness Innovation – Labatt has one of the strongest R&D facilities especially since they are funded by Anheuser-Busch InBev N.V. Even though they are the best, they lack in producing new types of beer instead of focusing on one type of beer which is made by grain. This is a weakness because many of its competitors are increasing production on new taste of beer. Production Cost – The production cost for Labatt is very high because they have different production line for Ontario and Quebec. In Quebec the Labatt Bleue is only 4.9% while the Beer in rest of Canada is 5% for Labatt Blue. The nature of the external environment surrounding the company Opportunities Low Calories – As people are becoming more aware of the calories they intake, beer is an option they keep out of their diet because of the high calories; Labatt has an opportunity to produce a product with low calories. This is attracting new clients

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