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Domino’s Pizza A SWOT Analysis Thomas R. Havis MGT 450 Strategic Planning for Organizations Instructor: Stephen Griffith September 17, 2012 Domino’s Pizza; A SWOT Analysis Domino’s Pizza is an international corporation that specializes in pizza delivery. It was founded in 1960, and headquartered in Ann Arbor Michigan. In 1984, the last time the Detroit Tigers won the World Series, Tom Monaghan owned the team. Tom Monaghan, also, happened to be the founder and owner of Domino’s Pizza. That is of interest to me, because I have lived in Metro-Detroit, nearly my entire life, and I’ve been a fan of the Detroit Tigers. In 1984, I was 31, and on the 2nd year of a 2-year tour in West Germany, serving with the Army. And in 1998, Tom Monaghan sold the firm to Bain Capital, which is currently in the news because Bain used to belong to Mitt Romney, who is the Republican candidate for this year’s presidential election. Domino’s is the 2nd largest Pizza chain in the U.S.; and as of 2010, they had nearly 9,000 Corporate and franchised units, in 60 countries worldwide, including North America. (Managementparadise.com, 2012) I will do my SWOT Analysis on the Domino’s Pizza Corporation. The Pizza Industry is highly competitive. “There are many pizza makers, ranging from local pizzerias, to international franchises such as, Domino’s and Pizza Hut.” (dsu.nodak.edu; 2012) With the current trend in today’s society of healthier foods, and also the economics troubles that we’ve had, companies are being forced to offer, healthier and cheaper products, in order to stay competitive; such as offering salads on the menu. Domino’s current menu includes: pasta; oven-baked sandwiches; wings; boneless chicken; and salads, as well as pizza. With the constant development of technology such as the internet, and mobile commerce, the ways of even ordering a pizza are being

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