Pizza Hut vs Papa Johns

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Pizza Hut is better than Papa Johns Pizza one of my favorite foods by far! There are approximately 61,269 pizzerias in the United States. I have two favorite pizza restaurants, out of all these pizzerias, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns. Pizza Hut is my number one choice out of the two. They do have menus that are alike one another and they offer similar foods but that is where the similarities stop. They may seem the same, but they offer completely different dining experiences and prices even though they offer similar menus. Pizza Hut is just offers a better all-around experience. Pizza Hut and Papa Johns offer very different dining experiences. Papa Johns only offers delivery or carry out. Papa Johns delivery is only available after four p.m., anything before that time must be for carry out. Papa Johns does not offer any type of eat in dining, or even have a restroom. The only choice of beverages at Papa Johns is a two liter bottled soda. Pizza Hut offers delivery and carry out like Papa Johns, but they also have a full service dining area. Pizza Hut offers a lunch buffet consisting of pizza, pasta, and a full salad bar. Pizza Huts salad bar is open from open until close. Pizza Hut offers a variety of fountain drinks and alcoholic beverages when you dine in. In my opinion, Pizza Hut offers a much superior dining experience. Papa Johns and Pizza Hut do however offer similar menu despite all of their differences. They both offer almost identical toppings for their pizzas, including the pineapple and ham pizza. They also offer the same pizza crust choices, in pan, hand tossed, and thin and crispy crust. Both places offer the same side items like hot wings and bread sticks. If you do not feel like pizza, they do offer a variety of pasta from spaghetti to fettuccini. Although Pizza Hut and Papa Johns offer very similar items in their menus, they do however

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