Sustainability and Our Environment

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Maria Ruiz English 101 Prof. Courtney Stanton Oct. 8, 2014 Sustainability and our Environment Our natural world is losing its essence of ‘natural’ to become a polluted and corrupted place. In Curtis White’s work, “A Good Without Light” and Jim Tarter’s work, “Some Live More Downstream than Others”; Tarter doesn’t mention a solution to our environmental crisis, but he presents his idea that science can be of great use to find the factors that create pollution, cancer and so on. White’s solution to this barbaric heart is that we have the power to stop it, but instead we are making the choice to hurt others. Overall these works show us the effects of how we suffer the consequences when the Barbaric Heart is violating our environment. White’s view on the barbaric heart promotes our own self-benefit, which links to Tarter’s view of living downstream. However, Tarter emphasizes that science is needed for our environment to be more sustainable, while White opposes to this with his radical view that science is the cause of the many barbaric acts. Tarter’s view of the factors that cause our environment to deteriorate is indirectly reflected in White’s idea that destruction of the environment is destruction towards ourselves. One point that Tarter focuses on is how Human Exploitation vs Environment Exploitation are the causes for most of our diseases today, but especially of cancer (Tarter 824). White’s response to this exploitation would be positive, because he would say that yes our environment is being destroyed and that the use of all chemicals causes our air and health to weaken. However, White ultimately blames us as being the cause of destroying the environment because we let this happen and don’t do anything to stop this contamination towards ourselves. Capitalists exploit our environment and the people just for their own benefit. Moreover, Tarter’s
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