Supreme Court Cases: Meschmidt Vs. Pollard Case

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Rochelle Lang Dr. Feldmeier PLS 436 Paper 1 The U.S. Supreme Court is comprised of the chief justice of the United States and eight associate justices. At its discretion, and within certain criteria set by Congress, they hear a limited amount of cases each year. It is generally called on to make decisions in these cases. Oftentimes these cases begin in the state or federal courts. These cases also call into question the constitution or federal law. During its current session, there are at least four pending cases that involve disputes over criminal statutes. The first of which is case no. 10-1104, the Minneci v. Pollard case. This case involved Richard Lee Pollard, a prisoner at a Federal facility that was owned an operated by a private company. The name of…show more content…
10-704, the Messerschmidt v. Millender case. The facts of the case are as follows. Shelly Kelly was in a relationship with Jerry Ray Bowen. She decided to break off the relationship and move out of the residence they shared, due to Mr. Bowen's violent temper and his physical assaults. She asked for a sheriff deputy to watch her while she gathered her property. Two deputies accompanied Ms. Kelly to acquire some of her property from the residence. Consequently, while they were there they were called away to respond to another police matter. As soon as the officers left, Mr. Bowen appeared and attacked Ms. Kelly once again. Ms. Kelly got away from Mr. Bowen and ran to her car. He then retrieved a black sawed-off shotgun from the home. He ran in front of Ms. Kelly's car, pointed the gun at her. He then stated that he would kill her if she tried to leave. Kelly leaned over in her seat and accelerated the car as fast as it would go. Mr. Bowen jumped out of the way, during which he fired a round at the car blowing out the front left tire. He also chased the car, firing another four rounds. Nevertheless, Ms .Kelly was able to drive away and locate a police

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