Summary Of Chapter One: The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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Chapter One: "Nightmare" The Autobiography of Malcolm X begins with Malcolm Little telling about his years as a trouble-making but clever child in the 1930s. His father, Earl Little, is a Baptist preacher who advocates the "back-to-Africa'' philosophy of black activist Marcus Garvey. Once, their house is burned down, and another time it is damaged—both times by groups of white men. His mother, Louise, is made a widow when Earl is murdered; then the state welfare agency tries to break up the family. Eventually, fighting against the state and struggling to keep her children fed becomes too much for Louise, and she is committed to a mental asylum. The children are sent to various foster homes in the region. Chapter Two: "Mascot" Malcolm is expelled from school when he is thirteen years old, and state officials move him to a detention home. Though Malcolm is a very popular student at the white junior high school and is elected the seventh-grade class…show more content…
Ella then finds him a job at the ice cream parlor, much to his dismay. While working, he meets Laura, a studious young girl who isn't haughty like the other customers. Malcolm and Laura attend Roseland dances, where he introduces her to the seamy side of life. Malcolm is meanwhile accepting the advances of Sophia, a rich, attractive white woman who gives him money. Chapter Five: "Harlemite'' Ella helps Malcolm get a job as a dishwasher on the train between Boston and New York. After only one day in New York, Malcolm decides to live in Harlem, the center of American black life in the 1940s. Malcolm eventually takes a job as a waiter at his favorite bar in Harlem, Small's Paradise. Meanwhile, Malcolm goes out at night, dancing, drinking, and smoking marijuana. Chapter Six: ‘‘Detroit Red’’ Malcolm is barred from Small's after offering a prostitute to an undercover policeman, so his friend Sammy the Pimp

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