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Starters by Lissa Price English Mrs. Clark Book Report 336 pages; genre: science fiction Expect the Unexpected Imagine having to choose between two terrifying choices: Let your seven year old brother die of sickness or get paid to be someone else? Callie, the protagonist, lost her parents when the Spore Wars wiped out everyone between the ages of twenty and sixty. She and her little brother who is severely sick, Tyler, were the only ones left in their family. On the run, living as trespassers with their friend Michael and fighting off rebels who would kill them for the stupidest things. The only way Callie can be safe and stay alive is by going to Prime Destinations, in Beverly Hills run by someone known as the…show more content…
Except poor Blake was never really there; it was the Old Man… “I don’t understand any of it” he said. “But I look so happy. I’ve never looked that happy before. Ever.”’’; page 334. But in the end the author wants to lead on the reader that their relationship was going to get serious, because the “real” Blake said that he wanted to feel happy again with her. Another very significant topic in this book Starters, in my opinion, was “renting.” Poor Starters see it as a quick easy way to earn money. Enders just have to sign a contract that guarantees their body be taken care of, and pay a lump sum of money. Anything that was not followed by the renters led to heavy fines. And it’s specifically prohibited to have any sexual contact with Starters while inhabiting a Starter’s body. ““Sex?” “What about it?” “There’s nothing in the rules,” I said… “That’s made quite clear to the renters. It is forbidden.”(Page 8). So no fears about coming back and discovering you’re pregnant. Plus, you get a free makeover, where all your imperfections are removed. But how messed up is that? Do seniors in this society really value youth at all? They would be willing to take over other people’s bodies just to get a second chance

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