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Subculture Theory Essay

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  • on December 5, 2012
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Subculture Theory |
CJST 131 - WA |

David Hickey
October 27, 2012
CJST 131-Wa
Research Paper
Subculture Theory


The theory that I am going to talk about in this research paper is the subculture theory. This is a theory that forms from the social structure theories. In this research paper I will define the subculture theory, the major theorist who devised and support the theory and there background information, define the major concepts/propositions and how they came up with this theory, and I will also give you my personal opinion on the theory and whether or not I agree with it.
The Major Theorist
The major theorist who devised and supported this theory was Frederic M. Thrasher, Albert K. Cohen, Richard Cloward, Lloyd Ohlin and Walter B. Miller.
Frederic Milton Thrasher (1892–1962) was a sociologist at the University of Chicago. He was born in Shelbyville, Indiana in 1892. he graduated B.A. from DePauw University in 1916 in social psychology; he then did an MA in 1918, at Chicago with a thesis on "The Boy Scout Movement as A Socializing Agency." He then took a PhD in Chicago in 1926, on Gangs. In the 1930s he then moved to New York where he taught at the Steinhardt School of Education of New York University, becoming Professor of educational sociology and retiring in 1959. While there he initiated a media studies programme where he began a series of studies of the effects of motion pictures on children. His courses on the subject were path breaking, including a course, begun in 1934, named “The Motion Picture: Its Artistic, Educational and Social Aspects.” He also served widely as a consultant to groups concerned with motion pictures, crime, prison reform, and prevention of juvenile delinquency.
Albert K. Cohen has had a substantial influence in the field of sociology, criminology, and more specifically, juvenile justice. Cohen was born in Boston on June 15, 1918. He went to Harvard in...

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