Strengths In Special Education

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One of my fondest memories of ASELA was participating in the Strengthsfinder Activities. If I recall, I believe the Strengthsfinder discussions and activities were on our very first ASELA cohort meeting. At this point of the cohort, the members did not know anyone and learning about our cohort members Strengths was a good icebreaker activity to kick off the amazing year-long leadership journey. This book has changed my life, I no longer question what I can’t do, I focus and excel on what I am good at. My Top 5 strengths are: Harmony, Relator, Positivity, Responsibility, and Arranger. My top strength is Harmony. I have never liked conflict and when I see two people in a heated discussion I will turn the other cheek. I never enjoyed political…show more content…
One characteristic of the arranger strength is being flexible. I believe you must be flexible if you want to work in the field of special education. Special education teachers must be flexible with students, parents, and administrators. We must be able to change students schedules and and teachers schedules based on the needs of our students. At my school division, principals must present quarterly benchmark data to the local school board. The data being presented must show individual gap group data and individual teacher data. As part of my ASELA internship last summer, I assisted a building level principal with exporting the benchmark data on a spreadsheet that is color coordinated and easy to understand. There was nothing fancy about the spreadsheet, it just presented the data in a way that could be clearly seen. This spreadsheet is now used by all of the building level administrators when they share their data to the board. Another characteristic of having an Arranger strength, is the ability to create teams that will can work together. I was asked my by principal to select a few teachers to be part of our innovative planning team. This team needed members that would a discuss our school divisions goal from transitioning away from the standard memorization and test-taking model and moving towards providing our youth with skills that will help them in the 21st century workforce. I was able to select teachers with different personalities and different viewpoints on education to come together and develop STEAM lesson plans that would increase collaboration and engagement with our

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