Strengths And Weaknesses Of The NRA-ILA

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Organization Analysis Question/Prompt: For this assignment, you will choose 1 group, organization, etc. that is actively involved in engaging the culture. Possible groups include (but are not limited to): * Heritage Foundation * Patriot Academy * Leadership Institute * Liberty Counsel * Life Action * State specific organization such as the Texas Public Policy Foundation The goal is to explain and analyze what the organization is doing to impact the culture. You can focus on the strengths and accomplishments of the group, or you could focus on its weaknesses and suggest ways the group could be more effective. Cite your information where necessary. Reply Prompt: For your replies, respond to at least 1 other student…show more content…
The NRA Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is a federally registered Political Action Committee and is one of the largest PACs in operation today (NRA ILA, "Mission Statement"). The efficiency of the NRA ILA to keep members up to date on governmental attempts to change laws, or enforce gun laws or bans are updated daily on their website and member daily emails. ILA uses the power of its member’s right to vote to make changes or keep laws that protect their second amendment rights strong. The downfalls this organization is faced with is the multiple anti-gun groups that have surfaced in the wake of mass shooting tragedies. Organizations such as MDA (Mom’s Demand Action) have been attacking the NRA ILA with the powerful tool of social media. These organizations have recruited mothers who feel that gun ownership causes mass shootings and that the NRA subjugates women by making them viewed as victims. Gun owners and NRA members of America are objectified as simpleminded gun nuts or country bumpkins. This postmodern view of females is insulting to female and male members of the NRA. The NRA has countered these attacks recently by creating “Women of the NRA”, and movement where women’s rights to own guns are empowered and celebrated. The NRA’s website includes news reports, reviews of products, and educational information catered to women (Women on Target). The NRA ILA should continue with their grassroots movements, and also get involved within the Christian community to reinforce the Biblical values of the U.S.

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