Stream Of Consciousness Essay

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Definition- The continuous flow of thoughts in a conscious human mind, as well as a technique used in literature to convey how a character feels or what the character is thinking while it is happening. The character's emotions are portrayed either through hints within dialogue or actions taken by the character in certain situations. Labeled as a special form of writing, "Stream of Consciousness" is a self told monologue. The speaker/character is telling himself how he feels. Often compared to third person speech or the act of addressing an audience, "Stream of Consciousness" are the person's inner thoughts being overheard or seen and we are all but eavesdropping while this is taking place. William James was the famous philosopher who coined the term. Sometimes the technique makes no clear distinction between reality and that of dreams or thought. Often associated and mostly confused with "interior monologues", "stream of consciousness" are thoughts, dreams, and memories presented to the reader/listener without a clear form, syntax or logical sequence. Interior Monologues are sometimes referred to as a subset of Stream of Consciousness. Interior monologues are a Stream of Consciousness but Stream of Consciousness is not the other. One of the best examples of "Stream of Consciousness" takes place in James Joyce's Ulysses , a novel that is almost completely written using the technique since most of the novel takes place in main character, Leopold Bloom's mind. Just like Leopold's mind it is written without a clear form or logical sequence since most of his thoughts and mixed feelings change day by day. A nice piece from the novel that shows a beautiful, clear use of the technique is that of the character, Molly's acceptance for her husband Leopold: the old windows of the Posadas 2 glancing eyes a lattice hid for her lover to kiss the iron and the wineshops
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