Essay 3 - Red Badge And Big Sleep

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A Different Perspective Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage and Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep are two pieces of literature that are worth studying. This essay will discuss the use and effects of narration in the two books. The discussion will start with an analysis of the different points of view commonly used by writers. Then the two novels will be analyzed using these concepts. Specific topics of interest include the point of view of the narrator, how this influences the way we perceive the stories, and why the authors chose these ways of telling their stories. A good way to begin is by considering the general effects of the point of view of the narration on literature. Ignoring the very rare second person point of view, novels are either first or third person. First person viewpoints tell the story as the lead character sees it. This may introduce a question of reliability, since their perception of reality may be tainted or their knowledge may be limited. The other point of view is third person. This can be identified by the use of pronouns such as “he” and “she” to describe the main character. Third person can be further divided into three categories. First, there is objective, where the narrator states external actions and events with no inner knowledge of the characters. Second is omniscient, where the narrator knows all. This gives the reader insight into the ruminations and emotions of all the characters, as the author sees fit. Third is limited omniscient. While the point of view is independent from the protagonist, we can still read his mind. However, the narrator’s ability to see inside a character is restricted to just this character. It is not uncommon for an author to blur the lines between these classifications. Which styles are used by Crane and Chandler? The Red Badge of Courage follows Henry, a young soldier, as
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