Story of an Hour Analysis

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Have you ever read a story and then came up with many different interpretations to it? Kate Chopin wrote a story that could make you think that way. In April of 1894, she wrote “The Story of an Hour.” It had later been published in The Vogue magazine that December, but the title was “The Dream of an Hour.” That next January of 1895 the story was printed with its original title. Kate Chopin wrote great stories about strong women, which is why most of her work stood out. This story makes people view of how women’s thoughts were in the 19th century. Some major parts of the story that help understand it are the setting in which everything is happening, the symbols, and the characters. The 19th century was a time in the world where women were of inequality, brutality, and inadequacy to males. The only way for a woman to be a part of any social status was depended solely on her marital status. Due to this many women were felt as being alone and inferior which forced them into depression. The setting of the story plays a powerful role in showing the bittersweet joy Mrs. Mallards escape from her prolonged cruel time. The story is written over about something that happens in the duration of an hour. Some things to point out are that the women in the story are always in the Mallards’ house. They never leave throughout the story. All there is that is told about the house is that there is more than one story, because there is a staircase. Another thing is that Mrs. Mallard has her own room, and in that room there is “a comfortable, roomy armchair,” (1). It seems as if she is confined to the house due to her heart condition. Mrs. Mallard and her sister, Josephine seems to never leave the house, but Richards seem to come and go as he pleases. This is something to interpret that it is safer to stay in the house rather than going out. Her husband went out and got killed in a
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