Abigail Adams: A Famous Feminist

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Famous Feminists Adams, Abigail (1744-1818). Adams was a prolific writer, patriot, abolitionist, and early feminist. In her famous correspondence to her husband, she spoke eloquently against slavery, many years before the abolitionist movement, and on behalf of women. Anthony, Susan B. 1820-1906. American suffragist. Anthony worked tirelessly for the woman suffrage movement. She lectured on women's rights and organized a series of state and national conventions on the issue. She collected signatures for a petition to grant women the right to vote and to own property. During the Civil War Anthony worked toward the emancipation of the slaves. In 1863 she helped form the Women's Loyal League, which supported U.S. president Abraham Lincoln's policies. She registered to vote in Rochester, New York, on November 1, 1872.…show more content…
Artist. Born Judy Cohen in Chicago, IL. She helped found the Feminist Studio Workshop in Los Angeles. Most famous for the unusual, large exhibition called `The Dinner Party' in the late 1970s. Chopin, Kate (1851-1904). Writer. Born in St. Louis, Mo. Regular contributor of feminist short stories to literary journals. Her novel `The Awakening' (1899) shocked many people with its portrayal of a young woman's sexual and artistic longings. Collins, Martha Layne (born 1963) Kentucky's first female governor and first woman to chair the National Conference of Lieutenant Governors. Friedan, Betty (born 1921) Born in the U.S., a famous author and known feminist. She wrote the best-seller, "The Feminine Mystique" and challenged traditional roles of women. Cofounder and president of the National Organization for Women (from 1966-1977). She cofounded the First Women's Bank and convened International Feminist Congress in 1973. Gilman, Charlotte (1860-1935) U.S. writer famous for her writings on feminism and labor. ("His Religion and Hers", "The Crux") Ginsburg, Ruth (born 1933) Director of Women's Rights project of the
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