Steve Harmons Verdict

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Steve Harmon’s Verdict Steve Harmon is a young adolescent, who is without a doubt in my mind, innocent, until he is proven guilty. Steve Harmon’s innocence is being completely annihilated, and with lack of evidence, is being labeled as a “monster”, as Ms. Petrocelli characterizes Mr. Harmon, placing him with the delinquents who actually deserve the verdict of murder. Mr. Harmon is being charged with murder, with extreme deficiency of evidence, only just being a bystander, and is being withhold in prison, without even given a release on own recognizance (r.o.r) due for this being his first charge. Anyone who is in the same position as him is innocent, until actually proven evidence that the defendant had physical involvement in the crime. The evidence that is being held against Mr. Harmon is that he was in the drugstore, at the same time when his accomplices, Mr. Evans, Mr. King, and Mr. Cruz were robbing the store, which led to the homicide of Mr. Nesbitt. As part of the jury of this case, I am convinced that Mr. Harmon was at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Mr. Harmon has no physical involvement with the robbery-homicide of Mr. Nesbitt, and is being charged only because his association with his accomplices, who actually were physically involved, and have concrete evidence on their involvement. Mrs. Henry’s testimony substantiate Mr. Harmon’s innocence at the time of the robbery-homicide. Ms. Petrocelli is contrasting his plea of innocent, by convincing the jury that he is guilty only because he was at the scene during the robbery-homicide was taken place. He is also being charged because he is associated with all three men that were physically involved in the murder of Mr. Nesbitt. This is insufficient evidence to prove that Mr. Harmon is guilty in this case. If this was accurate, then anybody who was at the scene of a crime should also be guilty. There

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