Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes

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Violence shouldn’t be the problem solver to anything. The cause of violence can lead to worse crimes than it actually is. Instead of violence involving beatings, the person who is responsible for that situation should be put in jail. If the person who causes the crime goes to jail, probably won’t like the fact of staying in prison for a long time. It’s so depressing and boring and it doesn’t really help anyone in life. It will always remind that person what they did wrong to be put in jail. There is a child twist of devastating lives that happen in similar situations like the ones that happen in Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes. In this book, envelops a story in which kids and teenagers overcome their insecurities by standing up for themselves and proving that they are not what they are being called or treated. Like the situation that when Sarah and Eric were writing that paper on Dale Thornton because he was bullying them and so Sarah and Eric started making fun of him. “But Dale Thornton took immense and he punched Sarah Byrnes square in the nose, or what’s left of it, because Sarah Byrne’s nose is mostly scar tissue”(pg 18). This quote relates to the main idea because in this situation, there is an involvement of violence and how you treat other people. To make things worse, these type of violent attacks which are constant, makes the attacker relieve the attack over and over. There are many situations in Eric experiencing violent situations, for example when Eric’s dad and mom were fighting when Eric was a little boy and Eric’s dad almost tried to kill Mrs. Calhoune. “I was only about 3 and a half years old, but I remember it like it happened this morning. My mom and dad were fighting. Real bad. Hitting, throwing things. It’s the only time I remember my mom fighting back. Dad was filling up the kitchen sink to put her head in. I was sure that he

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