Spring and All by William Carlos Williams Essay

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Spring and All William Carlos Williams expresses a theme of seeing simple things differently as death approaches in his poem Spring and All. The writer does this through writing a poem full of meaning and symbolism. The speaker of the poem is an ill or elderly person who is nearing death, and at first, sees things in a very glum way. The speaker is describing barren, muddy field and a cold wind. Then the speaker describes dead leaves and weeds. All of this feels like it has a negative connotation. The speaker shifts slightly and continues on to speak about how it all only ‘seems’ lifeless. Then he goes on to say that when something enters a new world it is naked; in other words, it is unprotected and vulnerable. The speaker then says that some things may become clearer as time passes by, and when things start out new they overcome change by putting down roots and moving forward. The mood of the speaker begins as someone who is depressed or in despair because the life that they know seems to be slipping away from them, and the mood then shifts to a feeling of acceptance and realization that they must accept death and their life and realize that there is another life after death. Generally, this poem is about a person who must learn to accept death. As the poem goes on, the speaker begins to see things clearer, one by one, and then he realizes that he will die with dignity, and it’s just another beginning. This is true for anyone who approaches death. The writer, Williams, develops this idea through a lot of symbolism. The contagious hospital signifies being ill, which can, in some cases, be the beginning of the journey to death. The contagious hospital could also represent part of winter because people often catch colds in the winter, and colds are very contagious. It is relevant that the writer begins the poem here because winter seems to
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