Comparing Mid-Term Break With The Old Familiar Faces

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Comparing Two Poems The Old Familiar Faces by Charles Lamb and Mid-Term Break by Seamus Heaney The poems “The Old Familiar Faces” by Charles Lamb and “Mid-Term Break” by Seamus Heaney have both similarities and difference. Both are sad poems about tragedies and want to inspire pity in the reader. Also both of them had a very similar structure. However, the diction is completely different as well as the imagery. Both poems explore sensations of grief, sadness, mortality and having to cope with the disappearance of loved ones. “The Old Familiar Faces” is about a man who has lost all the persons he loved and friends from his childhood and school time. “Mid-Term Break” is about a boy who is summoned from school to mourn his dead baby brother. These poems are very emotive and they touch topics that are easily felt identified with. But, the poems give us very different feelings. “Mid-Term Break” brings pity to the reader while the other poem gives us the sensation that the person writing is unpleasant and deserves his unhappiness. This is because he ignored one of his good friends that are still with him only to still think about those who left him. So, in some way the poet has brought misery to himself, completely different to the second poem in which pain was brought by a tragic car accident. The structure of the poems is very similar. They consist of seven stanzas of three verses each and had no rhyme. There is a difference, though, in how the poems are structured. “Mid-Term Break” includes a final and lonely verse that rhymes with the last verse of the previous stanza. This is a very efficient method by Heaney because it makes the final very emotive giving a sense of final to the poems as well as to the little boy’s existence. In addition, both poems are in first person as the persona tells us events of their own lives. In the other hand, the diction
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