Cold Vs Heat Essay

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Marquita Rice ENG121 English Composition I Week 5 Assignment 05/15/11 The benefits of cold vs. the benefits of heat ( Topic taken from The cold and heat are both weather seasons. The cold is in the winter. There is snow and ice. At times it can get so cold that lots of places can be shut down. There are blizzards. A lot of people can tolerate the cold season. Autumn is when it starts getting cold. The leaves turn colors. They start to fall off the trees. Frost appears on the ground. That is the time for coats, hats and gloves/mittens. School starts back. The cold is also dangerous for seniors and disabled people. They are too frail and weak to protect themselves. They can sometimes freeze to death and die. Heat is in the summer. There is lots of sun and blue sky. Shorts, t-shirts, tank tops and sandals are worn. Lots of people are outside. There is no school in the summer. Lots of people go to the beach to swim and cool off. There are lemonade and hot food stands everywhere. Sometimes it is so hot that a heat advisory is called which means that people should not go out unless they really have to. Cold and heat are also therapeutic. Cold can reduce muscle spasms that come from joint problems or irritated nerves. Cold is the main treatment for pain caused by inflamed tissues and other swelling. Cold can stop the urge to scratch an itch. For the first line of treatment after a bruise or muscle strain, ice should be the first choice(taken from |HEAT | |Therapy Guidelines | |Heat promotes

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