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Sports Leader Summery Sports Leader is a novel by Jane Rogers, published in 2012. The novel is about a young boy, who’s name we do not know, that dreams of becoming a sports leader. But because of his failed exams, he is not able to go to college, which leads his dream, a huge step backwards. The boy spends a lot of time talking about not having a job, so his foster mother, who is sick of him being lazy all the time, finds him a job working for a window cleaner named Phil. In on of the houses they clean windows for a boy from school named Martin lives. One night when Martin finds out how many money the boy collects for the window cleaning, he steals the bag with the money. The next day Phil and the boy go to Martins house to confront him about the stealing, but Martin denies completely. The next day Phil fires the boy. And the boy keeps on dreaming about, being a sports leader one day. Characterization In the novel the reader does not know the main characters name. We just know him as the boy, which can mean that he is kind of an unacknowledged person. The protagonist is a 16 year old boy, who dreams of becoming a sports leader, but he seems to be quite lazy, laying on the couch watching television all the time and only daydreaming about his goal; how he really wants to be fit again. Instead of actually doing something to archive his goals. He has failed his exams therefore he will not be able to attend college. It amazes him that the other kids in school are going to college and not him. He also has no friends. The fact that he is not able to go to college, does not take away his dream of becoming a sports leader, he seems to be quite convinced that his dream will come true someday. It is almost like he escapes into his own little, perfect dream world. A boy named Martin from school refers to him as “fat fuck”. The boy used to be fit and he was

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