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The Chocolate War is an excellent book. It’s mainly about the Vigils, who are a group of boys, giving other students assignments to do. They gave three assignments to a boy named Jerry to do. They told him refuse to sell the chocolates during the annual school chocolate sale, for 10 days. However, after the 10 days were over, Jerry kept on refusing to sell the chocolate. This caused some trouble with the Vigils, so they gave him another assignment. This time they had him fight someone. The Vigils gave a variety of about 5 assignments to different students to perform. Brother Leon also tried to embarrass Jerry while they tally up the sales by asking him about his chocolate sales when he knew that Jerry didn’t sell any of the chocolates. The main character is a boy named Jerry Renault. He is a freshman on the high school football team. During the school’s annual chocolate sale, the Vigils become involved with Jerry’s life and tell him to refuse to sell any chocolate for 10 days. He does that, but then he keeps refusing to sell the chocolates after the 10 days are over. There is also a boy named Goober. Most of the people in the book call him, The Goob. Goober is close friends with Jerry. Goober is also a football player at Trinity High School, but he drops out of football and all other activities when he finds out the people in the school begin to hate Jerry. He dropped out to protest their mean behavior to Jerry. The Vigils assigned Goober the task of unscrewing all the screws in room 19. Another character in the Chocolate War is Archie. Archie is the assigner of the Vigils. At first his pranks are harmless, but then they get worse. Archie is in the Vigils and he takes part of the annual chocolate sale. When he gets control over Brother Leon, his teacher, he goes to bigger and bigger heights with the assignments that he gives out to the

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