Spike Lee's Films

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Spike Lee’s films, deal with different aspects of the black experience, they are innovative and controversial even within the black community. Spike Lee refuses to be satisfied with presenting blacks in their acceptable stereotypes. His characters are three-dimensional and often vulnerable to moral criticism. Lee’s collection of films with the theme racism, stood out for me because he is more interested in subverting the status quo of black history, so it isn’t just typical films which show racism. I also liked Lee’s intimate describing of his experience, and how some of his films had interesting elements to them because he was part of the black society. We don’t view his films in first person, which doesn’t make it appear simple, yet it still contains complex and structured ideas. These ideas derived from Lee’s own encounters with chaotic struggles he faced. From Lee’s films, I chose She’s Gotta Have It, School Daze, Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X and Jungle Fever. I choose these because they all revolve around a similar idea: Racism. Although these films obviously contained physical conflict, it is the internal and external conflict that Lee is attempting to display. Whether this is the conflict of morals seen in School Daze or the struggle to retain sanity in She’s Gotta Have It, Spike Lee is suggesting to society that racism is destructive, both physically and more importantly, emotionally. Here is a graph showing from which aspect I choose the films. As you can see, most come under this aspect. As you can see the majority of my films comes under inter/intra racism. Inter-racism refers to racism between races. Conflict degrades our morality: Our morality is something that we hope to be universal. When we put it into that we can control, these morals could be prevented. For many, racism had blurred what they have been taught about social orders.
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