Space Exploration vs Poverty - What to Spend on

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Spending on space exploration is not justified when a fraction of that cost could help to eliminate poverty on earth The sky and the world beyond has always fascinated humans. Drawings of constellations dating back thousands of years prove that this fancy is not new born. And as time and findings progressed, exploration of this aspect grew and has a reached a stage where a manned mission to neighboring planet Mars is being planned. What is the need of exploring space? The advantages are plenty. All the modern communication systems be it audio, video or telephonic are connected via satellites hovering in the space above our planet. Satellites help predict the weather and provide sufficient warnings of potential natural disasters. Exploring continues to further realms. Constantly in search of answers to the origins of the earth and in a quest to find life outside this planet. As the proposition mentions, all this requires money and lots of it. Thousands of billions of dollars are spent by countries across the world in space research and development. But the assertion that a fraction of this would eradicate earth’s poverty is far fetched. More that half of the population in this earth lives below the poverty line. How can this entire sect brought above the poverty line by a few billion dollars? Also, the emphasis in the proposition on space exploration is hard to understand. There are so many other fields such as scientific research and development which mug up a sizable chunk of the resources. Poverty on earth has always been a low point and countries across the world in association with organizations such as the U.N. are in the continuous process of tackling this problem. But diverting the funds dedicated to space research would not have crossed their minds, as space and its research are essential for the well being of this

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