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Dylan Bell 11/12/09 Physics, Outer Space, and Biology Physicists, biologists, astrologers and astronomers have been making discoveries for many years and helping the world become a better place. Physics is a complex field of science involving the exploration of the structure of matter. Physicists use a lot of equipment such as lasers, telescopes, mass spectrometers, and more. Physicists find ways to apply physical rules and theories to conflicts in nuclear energy, electronics, materials, communication, and medical instruments, which can be used in every day society. Physicists can specialize in various different kinds of physics. Physicists focus on elementary particle physics, nuclear physics, atomic and molecular…show more content…
They study the properties and fate of the universe, our own solar system, and the evolution of stars. Astronomers analyze data collected by observatories and satellites. They use satellites that orbit around the earth. These satellites observe light emitted or reflected from objects to gather information. The light has certain qualities that give information such as intensity (brightness) and color. The intensity gives an idea of the number of light waves. The color can measure the energy in each photon (an elementary particle with electromagnetic radiation.). Astronauts study many of the things astronomers do. Astronauts usually have a career in either piloting or being a scientist. Some astronauts are geologists and study the rock formations on the moon. astronomers are sometimes also astronauts. Astrologers and astronomers seek understanding of how the universe works. There are several different types of biologists. Biologists study the living. Nature biologists focus on the outside world. They use both laboratories settings and the outdoors as an office. Many work in different exotic locations around the world. There are also marine biologists. They study the sea life and the marine ecosystem. Some marine biologists pharmaceutical products derived from the ocean. Marine biologists usually pick a specific aspect to focus on because it is such a broad field of science. What biologists discover increases our understanding in life, and the

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