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Case Study: A Matter of Integrity Natasha Philosopher Position Summary Discussion Question #1 What are the main ethical issues in this case? Which ethical theory in particular is most appropriate for addressing these issues? During an interview process, a highly effective candidate is the requirement of the leader to fulfill the position. It is important that the educational leader select the most influential individual that will make a difference within the organization. Based on the case study A.3 Mitchell Clarke committed an ethical issue in this case. He misleads information based on his educational background and never completed accredited hours for a masters program (Strike, 2006). In many schools, students must complete about 30 credit hours of coursework for a master's degree. Students are able to enroll in accelerated master's degree programs, which can be completed in little as 12 months no more than 18 months. Mitchell completed his masters in 14 days. Mitchell provided false documents that were considered as fake credentials that are usually essential or highly advocated to attain a position. Misleading credentials may include a degree, license, certificate, or other evidence of necessary training or experience that is expected of applicants (McConnell, 2004). Jim Sears did not breach confidentiality because not all resumes are considered confidential. According to Johnson-Reid (2000) in order for a resume to be classified as confidential the applicant must come from outside of the government, presented a resume willingly and not obliged by any process or school rules. This element is usually content, because normally one is not needed to search and apply for a job. If the following criteria are not met then all resumes are considered as public record. Jim Sears used public information to gather additional information on the candidate. Jim

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