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DEPARTMENTAL SYLLABUS English 1301 Catalog Description Designed to prepare students for academic writing, this course focuses on mechanics of expression and principles of English usage, refinement of writing techniques, critical writing skills, responses to written materials, and development of a clear, forceful prose style. Students completing this course should be able to present writing in response to a specific reading and demonstrate proficiency in reading and thinking critically. Course Description English 1301 emphasizes writing and speaking on local, regional, and national issues interesting to us as individuals but about which we may need to know more. As readers, we will examine how people use language to forge connections…show more content…
Submitting the same written work, in part or in whole, in more than one class without receiving written authorization in advance from both instructors is a violation of academic integrity. Submitting the same assignment for a second class violates the assumption that every assignment advances a student's learning and intellectual growth. It is also expected that work will be completed independently; it is not acceptable to co-author work and submit it as a single-author project. Turnitin.com™ To support the community’s mission to uphold academic integrity, Schreiner University subscribes to Turnitin.com™, an online service designed both to detect plagiarism and to prevent it before it occurs. Your professor may require submission of your papers to Turnitin, or may submit a draft whenever necessary. Attendance Policy Schreiner University considers prompt and regular class attendance an important obligation of the student. Excessive absences will affect the quality of achievement and the final grade. Diligent attendance is a critical factor in successfully completing this course. Every class meeting will involve you directly in reading, writing, responding, and/or discussion. It is crucial that you attend every class meeting. (Please refer to your professor’s Addendum Syllabus for specific…show more content…
Students are expected to respect their professor, each other, and the learning environment of our college classroom. Disruptive behavior, as defined by the teacher of record, will not be tolerated. If a student is repeatedly disruptive or refuses to comply with a reasonable reminder, he or she will be asked to leave the classroom and counted as absent. Section 504 Schreiner University is compliant with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 with respect to providing academic adjustments/auxiliary aids to qualified students. Students requiring such accommodations should contact the Section 504 Coordinator in Room 218, Dickey Hall. Should a faculty office prove inaccessible, special arrangements to meet outside the office can be made for students with mobility impairments. Campus Resources Schreiner One Online Student Information System (http://info.schreiner.edu) The Writing Center (contact information TBA) Multimedia Technology (Weir 008, 8-5:00, M-F, ext.431 or 739-1774) Open-Access Computers (Logan Library Pinwheel Section) William Logan Library

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