Sophie Wender In John Wyndham's The Chrysalids

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In the novel The Chrysalids, written by John Wyndham, there are two characters; Sophie Wender and Rosalind Morton. These two characters have many qualities that make them crucial to the novel’s progression and plot line. These two women hold similarities while being two very different people, such as their physical attributes and personality traits. Sophie Wender has many different qualities and characteristics both mentally and physically. Her physical traits have caused a significant impact to the book. In particular her sixth toe. This is because it was considered a deviation or a mutation, which is prohibited in the harshly religious community of Waknuk. When the toe was discovered she was banished to the fringes. Some of her other physical…show more content…
She displays her mental fortitude in many ways. For example when the Spider-man lets her know he is fond of her she doesn’t even flinch, she also doesn’t let her emotions overwhelm her when Sophie lets out her rage and frustration. Another account of when she portrayed her strength is when she had to leave her mother when she had to escape the people on horses trying to capture her. As well as being strong she is also very intelligent. Like David, she understands that the community they live in, Waknuk, is not safe for them and realizes early that they need to escape. Also, she is able to think quickly on her feet in times of danger and extreme pressure, for example when Petra’s horse was attacked. Along with this intelligence, she also demonstrates patience. Like when Petra has difficulty controlling her telepathy powers and it is very overwhelming, Rosalind acts very motherly and patient and tries to help her understand her gifts. Also, when the search for their kind began, she was very patient with David and Petra because they were very unprepared. Overall, Rosalind Morton has many strong characteristics, which make her a dynamic and important character to the novel. Out of the whole group, Sophie Wender and Rosalind Morton stand out as dynamic and significant characters to the novel. Both hold similarities while being two very different people. Rosalind has many describing traits, but three of her most defining would be strong, smart, and patient. On the contrary, Sophie’s strongest
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