Strength In Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

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In "A Worn Path" Eudora Welty uses conflicts to exemplify Phoenix's will and strength. These conflicts make her journey seem extremely heroic and put her in a class above her own. Phoenix willingly takes on this "worn path" with great determination and vigor. Her major conflicting battles are struggles between the strength of her mind versus the strength of her body, nature’s relentless cruelty, and her most important dilemma of all the choice between her grandsons well being over her own. From the beginning to the end of the path, Phoenix's mind and body are working together; her conflicts begin when her mind is asked to take over. The incident with the young hunter gives us some perspective on her state of mind. "I seen plenty go off closer by, and for less than what I done" (paragraph 58). Phoenix is clearly indicating that she has done something wrong and in a situation where there is a gun and no witnesses, a statement like that becomes very life threatening. Fortunately for her, he trusts her to be a senile old woman and doesn't bother to dwell on what the comment really means. Phoenix finally reaches her destination and realizes that she…show more content…
Both she and her grandson need professional help but to Phoenix the choice is obvious, his needs come before her own. She could have recognized the elements or the fact that she is mentally sick but instead she speaks so lovingly about him and promises the nurses and herself that she won’t forget him again. Her truest triumph on this journey is returning home with a special treat for her grandson. There is no question that Phoenix will take the trip over and over until ultimately one of them dies. The conflicts in “A Worn Path” make Phoenix an extraordinary human being who positively deals with what life has given her. She takes on every single task with the idea of victory already fixated in her dazed
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