Sony Corporation Four Functions of Man Essay

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Sony Corporation Four Functions of Management Week 2 Anthony D. Mattorano MGT/230 February 28, 2013 Willetra Brittian What is the definition of culture? There is a strong consensus, however, that the key elements of culture include language, religion, values, attitudes, customs and norms of a group or society. Language is the most important key to understanding culture in general. At its most general level culture can refer to the lifestyle and behavior of a given group of people. Corporate culture is a term used to describe how managers and employees of companies tend to behave. Corporate culture can also enhance the corporation’s sense of community and shared identity. Sony Corporation, founded in the 1950’s, with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, a large conglomerate manufacturer of electronics, video communications equipment, and information technology. Sony, once the leader in the industry with its creation of the Walkman, Trinitron television, and PlayStation –Sony has quickly lost its lead to American companies like Apple and South Korean manufactures like Samsung. Sony Corporation named Kazuo Hirai as its next president and chief executive in February 2012 who led the turnaround of the company’s PlayStation business. The company reported its worst loss ever of $5.7 billion 2012. The reason for this was due to the natural disasters in Japan, and the heavy losses in its television business and a strong yen. March 2011, earthquake and tsunami in Japan halted production at 10 of its factories, Blu-ray disc plant completely destroyed. A few weeks later a massive computer hacking attack compromised 100 million accounts on the PlayStation network. August 2011, rioters in north London set fire to a warehouse containing CD’s and DVD’s. In Thailand flood waters submerge a digital camera factory and forced Sony to halt

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