Some Of The Worst Excuses Essay

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Some of the worst excuses “That guy/girl is so silly; she/he could find other better excuses than this.” This is what I often hear from the student in class when someone is trying to bring up excuses for turning in late or missing work to the teacher. I am aware that life is not perfect and we cannot always complete everything without obstacles. Making excuses can be a way to cope with stress. But the more you make excuses, the more problems you have to face. In “The Dog Ate My Disk and Other Tales of Woe”, Carolyn Foster Segal tells us some wild excuses that students have used to deal with their teachers. In recent years, there were some bad excuses that I have witnessed from my friends and even from my siblings. Using younger brother or sister for your excuses is just the way to show off your irresponsibility. The first example is also the excuse that one of my friends has been using when she forgets to do her take-home essay. “I don’t know where my essay is since I already finished it last night, and I also believe that I saw my little brother was holding it”. It was an excuse that Jenny used to tell my English 098 teacher. The funny thing in this excuse is why does not she save her essay since she sees her brother play with it. My teacher laughed after her story. He said: “It is my job to give you enough time to finish your essay, but it is your job to turn it in on time”. And Jenny ended up with an “F” on her essay. It is unbelievable that Jenny did not put her essay into her folder after she finished it and she also let her brother played with her work. If this situation keeps happening, I do not think she be able to pass the class. Making-up reasons without any preparation can be the easiest way to make your excuses become worse. I witnessed one of those types of excuses during my senior year in high school. Kimmy was late for my history class and she

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