Solar Energy Proposal

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Introduction The most abundant source of energy available on planet earth comes from the sun, but only in recent years have we begun to harness it. The methods which we use to capture this energy are fairly clean, versatile, and are economical ways of producing electricity, whose benefits greatly outweigh the costs. This paper will explore the vast benefits and the few disadvantages to the two primary types of capturing solar energy, solar panels, and solar thermal. The vast majority of the world relies heavily on the combustion of fossil-fuels to satisfy their energy needs. Although fossil fuels get the job done, they are finite and also pose a great threat to the earth and the stability of the human race and economy, worldwide. They can be the catalyst of war and they pollute the earth significantly. The transition to green energy needs to be made quickly, and solar energy is a key player in the game. The Problem Fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas, are non-renewable substances combusted to produce energy. These substances have been formed over millions of years from pre-historic plant and animal matter which lies deep in the earth and has been under substantial amounts of pressure and heat for an indefinite amount of time. These fuels are extracted from deep in the earth and used worldwide in mass amounts to meet energy demands, at the cost of the earth and its ecosystems. These fuels are intrusively mined and then combusted to produce energy. When burned, these fuels produce greenhouse gases, which congregate in the atmosphere, allowing less heat to escape the earth and go back out into space. This increased heat which remains in and around the earth contributes to rising global temperatures, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and many other negative effects. Global warming is not the only negative product of using these fuels. For example, coal, the

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