Socrates Versus Sophists

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Socrates versus Sophists Socrates to me is someone you would like to have a beer with. I would at least give a long period of time with an open mind to sit and discuss with the man. I suppose I wouldn’t have much choice though since Socrates only gave his time and wisdom to those who were eager to get closer to the true truth. A sophist may not be someone I would like to have a beer with because I would have to probably pay for my own beer and pay the sophist to teach me manipulation but then again I am paying for CO 300 where we are learning to use rhetoric for technically victory but I suppose that is with a lot of research to reshape your thoughts constantly to get closer to the truth. Socrates and sophists are very similar in the things that fascinate them such as the art of communication, argument and the human kind; but both take very different angles at the subjects making them very different. Sophists taught rhetoric, geometry, astronomy, nature philosophy, arts, sports and “excellence”. Sophists taught their knowledge for pay and told people that their knowledge would teach them everything they needed to know to be successful. They taught strategies and tactics to manipulate words to get people to win arguments “with no concern for the truth” (Norman). Sophists were expert teachers of all sorts but they got their bad reputation from rhetoric which their main concern was victory for those they taught. I could argue that both sophists and Socrates used techniques to manipulate words. Sophists using there techniques to prove another wrong ;and Socrates using his techniques to prove that someone who may think they know what something is, actually doesn’t know what “it is”. He instead helps them realize their ignorance and pushes for deeper understanding through questioning and rewording of phrases or words. I

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