Sociological Perspectives Essay

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Sociological Perspectives There are 7 different sociological perspective and they are known as; * New right * Postmodernism * Collectivism * Interactionism * Functionalism * Marxism * Feminism These are groups and organisations formed by people they believe that social structures influence the way we behave, our beliefs and our culture. They also think that there is three very important social structures for the practice of health and social care are the family, the education system and the health care services. People are diverse and their behaviours depend mainly on their socialisation. This theory is set on the logically interrelated statements that attempts to describe, explain, and predict social events occasionally. The main perspectives of this are the overall point of view towards a subject for example aspects of a person’s social life. Sociologists study the impact on many different societies and social structures that have an effect on people. They also study social trends and suggest actions or interventions to help improve health and well being of a particular group of people. Sociologists have introduced various perspectives to be able to explain and also analyse how societies work. Functionalism: Two functionalist called Talcott Parsons and George Murdock argued that every single society will have a religion due to religious institutions have certain functions which have a say to the survival of the system as whole just as the organs of the body have functions which are essential for the body’s survival. People are born into civilization and automatically become the product of all the social influences around them as they are socialised by a variety of institutions such as the family, education system, media and religion. Functionalism normally sees civilization as a system; for example a set of interconnected
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