Social Sin Essay

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Sexism is everywhere around us even if we do not realize it. Sexism, as we have seen it, is men discriminating against women saying that they are better. But sexism as a whole is any one sex that discriminates against the opposite sex and one sex saying that it is superior. Sexism is still current in today’s world such as job opportunities given to only men and not women and in an article that I will talk about, women not being able to become priests. As we all know sexism is a social sin because it is discrimination, in an article written by Roy Bourgeois, a catholic priest, he also agrees that sexism is a social sin. He was a child who grew up in a small town in Louisiana he never question why the black folks sat in the back pews and why women were not ordained as priests. While he was in the military he recognized that his faith was very important to him so he became a priest. It was not until he became a priest that he realized what was going on in the church. He felt that it was wrong that women could not become priests. While he was in the ministry he met many devote catholic women who could not become priests because the Vatican considered it “Scandalous” and only men, who were baptized, could become priests. He argues that in scripture it says “There is neither male nor female. In Christ Jesus you are one” (Galatians 3:28) so how does when a man is called to become a priest it’s legit, but when a woman is called it is not? He also stated that “Pope Benedict XVI is telling priests like me to be obedient to church leaders and refrain from questioning or discussing church teachings.” This poses a problem because how can a priest who works for God ignore the fact that women are equal to men, but yet have no right to become a priest. They have to just obey and not question the word of the church because the church is right and there is no questioning the
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