Martin Luther Protestant Reformation Essay

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Martin Luther was born November 10, 1483 he was born in a time when the world was changing from the Middle Ages to a more modern era. The city he was born in was called Eileen, Saxony in 1505 he was ordained a priest and in 1512 he became professor at University of Wittenberg. During the 1500s the church did many things that went against what Luther believed in like the selling of indulgences and so in 1517 Martin Luther posted the “95 Theses” on the church door. The “95 these” told the church what they were doing wrong and what they needed to change about their church. These writings began a movement which was called the protestant Reformation when people who believed in Luther’s writings protested asking the church to change. Luther was later excomunicated from the church by Pope Leo X he was put on trail at the diet of worms where he was declared imperial outlaw. But his excommunication did…show more content…
They both changed the church by limiting its power over land and many followers of the church ran from the church joining either the Church of England or joining the protestant reformation. They both gave the people a choice from just being a catholic they could be a part of the Church of England or become a protestant. Their choices affected everyone that came after them day we are affected by these men’s choices. Although these men are alike in some ways they are very different. Luther wrote the “95 Theses” because he saw that the church was doing wrong and he decided that it should be changed. But King Henry VIII only formed the Church of England only to divorce his wife so he could have a son. One man fought for he thought was right and the other did out of selfishness. Even though many man and women do things like they mean well their motives may say otherwise. They could it out of love the need to be free or they could do it out of hate selfishness witch doesn’t make it
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