Sir Frederick Banting The Greatest Canadian

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A person who could be headstrong and stubborn and a very tough man to cross but he was fiercely loyal to his friends, colleagues, and war comrades. Fredrick Banting first went to the University of Toronto for The Arts but failed his first year. He then switched to the study of medicine and graduated in 1916 with above average grades. Sir Frederick Banting was a great Canadian because his service in the Canadian Army Medical Corps and for the discovery of Insulin. When Canada joined WWI Banting tried to join The Canadian Army but was not allowed do to his bad eyesight. So the next spring he enrolled in The Army Medical corps which he was promoted to sergeant almost instantly. But Banting still had one more year of school left so he got a special condensed version of the fifth and final year. When he completed this December 9th he was finished the next day he returned to the army he was then raised to the rank of Lieutenant he then transferred left to Britain where he posted at the Granville Canadian Special Hospital. Once again Banting was promoted to the rank of captain and was then sent to France where he participated in the Battle of Cambrai. The Battle of Cambrai during the fight Banting stopped fighting to take care of the wounded during he was shot though but many have said that 17 hours he continued to dress wounds despite his own. Banting was awarded with The Military Cross for those actions; The Military Cross only around 150,000 Canadians were nominated , only 2,877 received it Banting of course being a part of that 2,877. The Military Cross is only awarded “in recognition of gallant and meritorious services in time of war.” With WWI ending Banting went back to Canada and in July 1920 when Banting completed his orthopaedic surgeon training and started his own practise of medicine in London, Ontario. An idea sparked within Banting research

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