Single Families Versus Dual Parent Families

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Single Parent Families Vs. Dual Parent Families: Is there really that much of a difference? ana richy Everest University When researching single parent households, there are a lot of different opinions that are out there. Upon further research there are not many differences/effects in the number of positive and negative as there are in dual family households. Although there are some differences shown in the research, but will correct changes in the households the list is narrowed down to just a few. According to most research dual parenting households tend to be preferred over single parent households. If facts are carefully compared single parent families have positive and negatives, just as dual parent households. Is one way really better than the opposite way? There is no doubt that there are defiant differences between dual and single parent households. There are quite a few here are just some of the differences. Children of single parent’s families are more likely to have chores and responsibilities at a younger age. This is simply because there is one adult/ parent missing to help the other adult/ parent. It is more stressful in single parent households. Not only does the single parent have to be the homemaker, the cook, and the breadwinner. All of this while trying to be the best parent that they can be. In dual parent families it can be just as stressful. This is in terms of deciding who will do what chore or pay what bill, which will help with homework, and so on and so forth. There are effects of dual parenting just as there are with single parenting. There are many positives in single parent homes. If the household is stable, the child well loved, and in a nurturing environment, they are just as likely to succeed in the goals they set for
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