The Advantages of a Codified Constitution Now Outweighs Its Disadvantages.

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A constitution is a body of basic principles or established precedents depending on which state or other organisation is acknowledged to be governed by. It is true that in some cases over the years codified constitutions now outweigh its disadvantages. Some would argue that having a written or codified constitution is a disadvantage because it lacks flexibility however some would completely disagree and say that a codified constitution outweighs its disadvantages because it has structure and is much easier for people to follow. The United Kingdom, unlike the USA is one of the few countries to still have an uncodified constitution. This has been given a lot of criticism over the years as many other countries, not only the United States, have also now switched to codified constitution although the UK has failed to evolve. The reason a codified constitution has an advantage over this system of an uncodified constitution and also outweighs its disadvantages is because it doesn’t have as many risks and is a lot more stable. This is because codified constitutions can’t be changed by parliament and the government if they suddenly feel like changing it for their own benefit, so if a law is put in to place to protect people’s rights or stop the government from overpowering then it could be very much be changed or modified which could lead to more problems in the future. On the other hand, the fact that a codified constitution can not be adapted is also one of its biggest disadvantages. Since a codified constitution is already written, over years this could become a problem. The reason for this is because of modernization and times constantly changing and evolving. An example of this is the United States and the second amendment. It has been argued and debated for several years that this needs to be changed for the reason that it is outdated since America has growing
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