Similarities Between Tom Robinson And Boo Radley

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Innocence Destroyed by the Evil of Mankind In Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Tom Robinson and Boo Radley symbolize mockingbirds that “sing their hearts out for us” (90), but mimic other bird’s songs. Since mockingbirds have no song of their own, they are judged by what other birds sing. Neither Boo nor Tom has their own song and they are labelled through silent gossip and hurtful actions from Maycomb citizens. Boo Radley is a mockingbird because he is seen as a “malevolent phantom” (8), judged by his lifestyle of not leaving his house. Tom Robinson is seen as a rapist, judged by the colour of his skin. Neither is what they are perceived to be. Although Boo Radley and Tom Robinson have very different lifestyles, they are both mockingbirds…show more content…
Since they are such easy victims, they are accused of things they clearly have not done. Tom Robinson is accused of raping a Mayella Ewell who is a white girl. Through the trail it is made clear that Mayella had not been raped by Tom, but beat by her father. “If her right eye was blacked…it would tend to show that a left-handed person did it” (178). “[Tom Robinson’s] left arm was fully twelve inches shorter than his right… I could see it was no use to him” (186). This proves to the reader how prevalent discrimination is at this point in time. When Tom was accused, it was like shooting a mockingbird because Tom had done nothing wrong. Boo Radley is accused, through town gossip and rumours of trying to kill his family, “Mrs.Radley ran out screaming into the street that Arthur was killing them all...” (11). He was also accused of having to go to an asylum, because he was crazy, however, “no Radley was going to an asylum” (11). Some other rumours accused Mr.Radley of keeping “him chained to the bed most of the time” (11). However Boo never left the house, and no one ever talked to him, therefore all these stories were made up by the imaginations of the people in Maycomb. These stories tell us more about the people in Maycomb, then of Boo himself. They obviously have nothing better to do but to bully an innocent neighbour. Tom Robinson and Boo Radley are both affected by the false…show more content…
Mockingbirds are innocent in the sense that they do nothing wrong, but yet they are destroyed by vicious gossip and painful actions. Tom Robinson was seen as guilty and destroyed by false accusations, leading him to an early death. Boo Radley is seen as a fearful, dreadful person through town gossip and put through years of torment from Maycomb citizens. In the end, Boo finds the courage to leave his house to save Jem, only making rumours start again. Tom and Boo are both social outcasts, yet live in completely separate worlds. They do not deserve the reputation they have around town, especially since it is all vicious rumours. Tom and Boo are innocent people, like a mockingbird, it is a sin to kill

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