Signs Of Elder Abuse

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Elder abuse is more widespread than many people realize. It is a well kept secret as many of the elderly are ashamed or too scared to tell anyone. These abuses can be physical, sexual, mental or financial and can occur in their own home or a relative’s home or even in a long term care facility. They may suffer at the hand of a caregiver, an adult child or a grandchild, a spouse or even a total stranger. Incidences of elder abuse are numbering in the thousands in the United States and possibly in the millions around the world. There are more than a half-million reported cases and millions more that are not reported. As people age and become frailer and weak they are more susceptible to all types of abuse. Physical abuse is the most common…show more content…
This can involve telling the senior that they will be harmed or will be left to fend for themselves when they are clearly not capable of being independent. Letting the senior think they will be physically harmed just to scare them is another form or told they will be sent to a long term care facility. There is also self neglect where the elder will not accept any help from anyone. Some signs of self neglect could be poor hygiene, significant weight loss or gain, frequent illnesses that go untreated, hoarding, not wearing the right clothing for the weather conditions and increasing mental deterioration. Self neglect is the most frequently reported form of abuse. If any of else conditions are observed they must be reported as quickly as possible to Adult Protective…show more content…
Learning how to identify abuse and neglect is essential. Becoming aware and watching out for the elderly in the neighborhood. Frequent broken bones, bruises, increasing apprehension when around others and paranoia can all be signs of abuse. The elderly often times will not tell about any abuse they are experiencing and when they do it is not believed. People will think the elderly person may be suffering from dementia and don’t really mean or don’t really understand what they are saying. It is always better to report what is said by the elderly to a social worker, police officer or to a doctor. It is better to be wrong then to turn the other way and allow the abuse to

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