Life In Foster Children Essay

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Foster Children and the Struggles Faced Within LIFE IN FOSTER CARE 10/16/2012 When the economy is low, the foster care system sees a rise in abandoned, neglected, and abused children adding more than the normal amount of cases. “In 2011 there were 401,100 children in foster care” (Child Trends, 2012). These children depend upon the people that work within the system to help and provide them with guidance and security. Foster children usually receive their basic needs while in the system, but older children tend to experience more difficulties than younger children do in foster care. He or she is likely to end up in trouble with the law than their peers without the proper support (Cowan, 2004, p. 1008). Like everything, this varies from case to case. Most adoptive parents tend to want younger children, not necessarily an infant, but one that is under 8 years of age. In most cases, older children that are closer to aging out of foster care have a harder time because of…show more content…
There seems to be a misconception when it comes to older foster children, some of them do have emotional problems but when we look around us, with open eyes we will notice that many people have some type of emotional problem, they just are not labeled. Being moved from house to house is a very upsetting thing. If the child and foster parent cannot communicate it can cause distrust and placement issues (Crum, 2010, p. 1par 3). Many of the kids come from a neglected or abused home life so stability would be relief. The longer one is in foster care the harder it is to adjust unless you are in one home. My wife was in foster care and was moved around to eight foster homes in four years because of situations that were beyond her control. This made keeping up with school almost impossible, resulting with her quitting school in the 10th grade. She is now going back for her
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