Domestic Violence Uncovered

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Domestic Violence Uncovered Domestic violence is an unfortunate circumstance that can happen in any relationship. Unfortunately, it tends to be over looked and minimized as typical relationship problems. Domestic violence comes in many forms from psychological to physical. The main issue today is lack of awareness and resources that can help individuals free themselves from these horrible circumstances. Many organizations are being formed and laws are being made to protect victims. Over the past two decades domestic violence is finally being recognized as a problem and women are finally coming forward. With acts like VAWA being passed and our nation’s president recognizing that these horrible acts of violence are not just a family problem.…show more content…
In many situations their peers are aware of the abuse and don’t know how to approach the situation. Many abused individuals who are confronted by their peers deny any accusations in fear they will be alienated. Unfortunately, there seems to be a stigma on the abused and surprisingly some people assume the victim did something wrong and got what they deserved. Because of judgmental people who lack empathy victims of abuse conceal the harsh realities they face daily to prevent rejection. Thankfully, domestic violence advocates are there to help individuals who seriously in need of positive guidance and support. The lack of outside support from friends and family sometimes causes a delay in the progress of the abused. Family support along with advocacy is essential for the healing process of a victim. Due to this unfortunate occurrence many DV victims have a long road ahead of them and go through many ups and downs until they are able to stabilize their life. Lack of money and a stable home creates a problem. Many women fleeing an abusive relationship were dependent financially on their abuser. Here is one example of why women are having difficulties moving on, as it says in the article American Journal of Community Psychology: “Domestic violence is intricately linked to the issue of women's poverty. Abusers may forbid their partners from working or going to school, or sabotage their efforts…show more content…
When a victim, the only way a protective order can be placed is if there is factual evidence abuse is occurring. Many victims make this mistake not understanding how difficult it will be to be protected when ending the abusive relationship. So, when finally faced with the realization that there is no abuse documented, when seeking protection there is a limit to what law enforcement can do leaving the victim vulnerable to future attacks. With no documentation the abuser cannot be arrested or face any charges for their vicious behavior. Seeking guidance from a DV advocate is extremely important for an abused women. They provide all the knowledge one needs to eventually free them self from abuse. A safety plan is created and the advocate helps provide proof to any individuals that may need it. Property managers, work places, and schools may need to be notified of the abuse to further protect the victim. These are reasons why many victims continue to live in fear and with limited resources and lack of support fleeing an abusive relationship can be very difficult. As it states in Women and Violence: How to Plan Escaping from an Abusive Relationship, “The primary tasks of a woman trapped in a violent relationships are to learn about the resources in her community that can help her and to develop a plan that can protect her and her children while she is

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