Siddhartha's Call to Adventure

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Maggie Michaud Period 8 Siddhartha Essay Siddhartha grew up in a world with people known as the Brahmins where he had already mastered the religion and everyday life with them. He explains how bored he is and how tired he is of doing the same constant thing every day. Siddhartha feels that he has not discovered the meaning of life yet, and that he has much more to look forward to then being with the Brahmins the rest of his life. Although he knows his parents will be very upset with a huge decision he is about to make, he thinks it’s all worth the risk. He realizes that the Brahmins’ practices do not satisfy him in the way they should and he should have questioned their methods a long time ago. With his thoughts running wild he now will take his first call to adventure, the moment in which he decides to follow the path of the wandering priest’s known as the Samanas. The Samana believe they can achieve education through rejection of the body and physical desire. Siddhartha was ready for a change and a challenge. In the hero’s journey, many times when there is a call to adventure, the character rejects or ignores it. This is known as refusal of the call. In Siddhartha’s story I don’t believe this took place because when he decided to follow a different path than his father and the Brahmin’s wishes, he did not think twice and he was not going to change his mind about it. There was no reason for Siddhartha to refuse his call; he was ready for duty and obligation. Although he had fear he knew this is what he wanted and this is what he would

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