Tuesdays with Morrie

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Summer Reading Assignment #2 The novel Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom was more than just the shortest book to complete for summer reading. Relating with this novel, in my life my grandmother understood me when I was young and searching. She helped me see the world as a more profound place and gave me a sound of advice to help me make my way through it. My grandmother was blessed with such patience as well as Morrie was in this novel. Not only does this novel display the theme of love and sentimental relationships; but throughout his lessons he also teaches us life lessons that we had never realized were significant in the first place. Throughout this novel, Morrie continuously speaks of detaching himself from his experience, especially when he suffers from violent coughing spells. Morrie bases this theory of detachment from a Buddhist philosophy which changes his mindset to believing that nobody should cling to anything and that everything that exsists is impermanent. Through detacting himself, he is able to remove himself from his surrounding into his own consciousness, this way he’s able to gain perspective in uncomfortable and stressful situations. Morrie deteaches himself so that he can accept these predicaments in his life and so that he will be able to embrace his deathe easier since he’s well aware that it’s approaching. A quote Morrie constantly refers is to “Love each other or die”. He stresses this quote and major theme in the novel because he feels that an abundance of love and compassion is the highest sense of fulfillment that one can experience; especially because Morrie had such a significant lack of both love and compassion throughout his childhood. Love is so crucial to Morrie as he is nearing his final days of life because he feels that without the care of those who love him, he would perish. Morrie is not afraid of dying, however
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